Dynamis News

The journal Dynamis for the history of medicine and science announces its publication of two issues (April and October), starting with volume 31 (2011). The contents of the forthcoming issues may be consulted on the web page: http://www.revistadynamis.es/en/

Gendered Drug Standards: Historical and Socio-Anthropological Perspectives

The Institute of Women’s Studies and the Department of the History of Science of the University of Granada will host a workshop on “Gendered drugs standards: historical and socio-anthropological perspectives” between 28-30 November 2011. The workshop is organised by Teresa Ortiz Gómez (University of Granada) and María Jesús Santesmases (Spanish National Research Council, Madrid), members of the European Science Foundation’s research network program on DRUGS: Standard Drugs and Drug Standards and sponsored by the ESF DRUGS network and the University of Granada.

Dynamis Research Award: Fifth Edition

The Department of Pathology and History of Science of the University of Granada founds and the Spanish Society for the History of Medicineawards the Dynamis Price on research on the field of History of Medicine and Health. It consists on a certificate to the author and the publication of the winning paper in Dynamis.  Participation rules are as follows: All papers must be original and unpublished, with a length no longer than 8500  words, on a matter related to the history of medicine and health with no chronological or methodological distinction. They must belong to novel authors, the time limit for exclusion being two years from the presentation of their doctoral dissertation. Papers must be send anonymous  and without title but under a legend, accompanied by a closed envelope identified by the same legend, containing both the name of author and the title of the paper, to:  

Ricardo Campos
Secretaría de la Sociedad Española de Historia de la Medicina
Instituto de Historia
Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, CSIC.
C/ Albasanz, 26-28. Madrid 28037. SPAIN